April 11th, 2007

le petit prince: ce que je voulais

Purple Erasers, Painful Feet, and Prime Time

I just took three tests within thirty hours of each other. I don't recommend it. I think I did decently on number theory and astronomy, but French? Let's just say that I don't like stream of consciousness in French. I hardly get it in English, even if that's what I probably write half the time anyway, and that's why half my writing never makes sense.

I was thinking about my lucky purple eraser, the purple one that has seen me through the dark ages, my conversion to the math side, and through now. (Seriously. I've used it since at least 2004, and that doesn't mean I make that few mistakes.) I was looking for it last night at work because I was moving from table to table of Calc II students, and I finally found it under a pile of papers. "What are you going to do when it's gone?" Kelso asked.

"Cry, probably," I replied. "I've had it for a really long time."

"No, you'll just get a new eraser that'll see you through grad school when you become a mini-Myrtle," she said, to which I laughed because I actually started a new eraser that day I thought I had lost my lucky purple one.

"And it'll see me become Dr. Sujin!" I said.


I've really thought about this. At the rate I'm going now, how much eraser will I have used by the time I graduate? I'm thinking it'll be much smaller than it is now, especially since I'll be taking a lot more math in the next two years, I do all my math in pencil (or chalk--dry erase marker as a last resort), and I hardly ever use the eraser on my pencil anymore because my purple eraser is so much better. Then I have to consider the fact that I've let other people use it over the past year, especially when their pencils have crappy erasers, which is often the case. This has not happened in the first few years of eraser usage. So the rate of eraser loss is increasing over time. That would be something cool to model.

For some reason my right foot has been hurting lately. You know how your foot and your leg make a right angle? The inside part where they meet is where it hurts. I can't think of what it's called, but it hurts when I move it. This wasn't the foot I nearly broke a few years ago, was it? Actually, I think it was that foot, now that I think of it. I remember hobbling over the next few weeks. I actually fractured it, but it wasn't so bad that it was worth doing the whole cast thing. I don't know what's up with it now. It looks a little red in that area but not really swollen. It's a little painful, though.

Also, I absolutely love today's xkcd. I sometimes do this with clocks when they're on 12-hour time. Compy's on 24-hour time since I'm a huge dork, though. I can factor 00:00, though!