April 12th, 2007

note to self

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Skip?300, guys? I read you guys after 22 hours of not reading, and the Internet explodes I sit here reading for an hour and a half. Actually, I really do read everything and comment on some stuff, which is why it takes so long. Yes, I'm slow. I know.

I haven't done laundry in nearly two weeks, and I'm running out of stuff to wear. The situation is getting desperate, so I definitely need to do laundry tomorrow afternoon after my tour. Yes, I did a regular tour today, but I'm giving a tour tomorrow for Select Scott.

Oh, twirlandswirl, I'm not sure if my LJ Talk (on Trillian) is sending/delivering messages properly. I know I've been replying, so whether this is a Trillian or LJ problem or a freak occurence on my computer, I don't know. Anyone else want to test it with me?

Kurt Vonnegut died today. For once I don't have words fitting for the occasion. I still haven't finished reading everything by him. I need to do that, but I have a feeling everyone will be doing that over the next few months.

This cracks me up. It's a fanmade video of Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey", which is one of my favorite songs by him ever. The expressions in the video crack me up.

Also, I just checked Blackboard, and I just got a 98 on my number theory test. Sweet. It's highly unlikely that Dr. Koch typed the wrong person's grade in considering I'm first in the class alphabetically, something that has never happened before, but there's always the chance of a typo. Still, I did feel like I did reasonably well on it, which is good.

I believe that's everything of importance. Or something like that. Carry on.