April 13th, 2007

not rhetorical?

Subtlety works surprisingly well.

So, remember that guy I met a little over a month ago? You know, the one I never heard from again?

Until today.

He wrote a note on Facebook about friendship. I commented on it, ending with something like, "You know how to get in touch."

Today I checked my ASC e-mail and see that he has sent me a message (subject: A shot in the dark) on Facebook. I read it. It turns out that Barack Obama was coming to GA Tech tomorrow morning, which I already knew because Justin invited me to the Facebook event. However, he had an extra ticket, and would I like to come, even though he doesn't know my political views, sleep schedule, or plans for the weekend?

Um, of course. If he were inviting me to a very conservative speaker with whom he agreed a lot, there would be a huge debate afterward. I can definitely see a debate, but not one where we're clawing each other's eyes out. That's a good thing.

So I replied about an hour ago saying that of course I'd love to come. I'll definitely be bringing my masses of work on the Marta with me tomorrow. At least I already did my laundry.

Here, have a list.

To Do This Weekend
1) Go to Spring Forward Dance performance (tonight, 8pm)
2) Meet Justin at Tech for the Barack thing
3) Spring Fling (should I decide to go)
4) Number theory assignment (due Wednesday)
5) Probability assignment (due Thursday)
6) Chapter 19 for astronomy (Tuesday)
7) Lonely Planets (Thursday)
8) French homework (Monday)
9) There is no number nine, but there will be if I think long enough. Like now.

Also, someone made a Factor Clock based on Wednesday's xkcd comic. I love it.