April 15th, 2007

being a model

Yes, an entry in list format. I really don't feel like writing a real entry.

If you shut up and look around, you learn something every day. Here's what I learned:

1) When there are two doors, and the first door does not work, try the other door before trying to figure out why the first door does not work. (Or my experience with getting into Alston to look up the number for the farmer's market and read my friends list because the Internet died about five minutes before that.)

2) You will get weird reactions when you call store managers and ask them for prices of products, only to explain that you need ten bottles of sparkling grape juice. (For the Aurora release gala Wednesday night, which all of you need to come to.)

3) Leaving your purse and book in Olivia's car after a Kroger run isn't a very bright idea, especially when your phone and ID are in the purse. (I did get them back, though. Thankfully.)

4) Coconut Hershey's kisses are crack. Seriously. I wanted some chocolate tonight, so I opened that package. They are amazing. And crack. Based on the Easter-themed packaging, I doubt they're around year-round, though, which makes me sad.

5) I am one confused nerd. More on that to come.

6) More Jonathan Coulton goodness! One fan made World of Warcrack-themed videos of JoCo's songs.
Skullcrusher Mountain
Re: Your Brains
Code Monkey
Speed Monkey (fan mix of "Code Monkey")

7) Sometimes what you had to begin with wasn't so bad after all. (Re: My Global Connections application essay. Sure, I trashed about half of it, but on the whole the first draft wasn't terrible.)