April 16th, 2007

not rhetorical?

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My room is starting to look like a warehouse. The plastic champagne glasses came in today, and the box was huge. Well, I was expecting a huge box. This was good. I just wasn't expecting it while talking to Catherine from career planning and finishing my chocolate milk. I should probably move it from my bed to... somewhere. I'll figure it out before going to sleep tonight.

Any ideas for an astronomy paper topic? I need one by tomorrow morning, complete with a proposal.

...Zut. I have NO idea what I'm going to write about. Absolutely none.

I'm well into my number theory problem set, though, and I actually started my probability set. Yay.

Speaking of awesome, I got quoted in this week's ljdq. I knew my quest for world domination would get me somewhere.

This deserves its own.

I heard about the VA Tech shooting during lunch today. I was running around checking my mail and eating breakfast and attending calc classes (one of the examples today was about the spread of information, interestingly), and I got just a quick glance at my friends list and everything else before French. Then I got to lunch and to number theory and I heard people talking about it.

I wish I had something more coherent to say about it, something memorable. Yes, this is so terrible, so heartbreaking, but anyone can say that. Sometimes I feel so generic.

And so soon, just as with everything else on the Internet, the drama begins. This time I won't be making popcorn. I may be unconventional, but I think I'll stick with convention this once.
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