April 20th, 2007

speak your mind

Stand Up, Speak Up

Classes were canceled today because of inauguration. I knew it'd be extravagant, but I never guessed it would be that extravagant. There was a band and a bagpipe player, and there were representatives from so many schools. President Kiss's sister read a greeting from a former president of Hungary (yes, really--apparently he's a friend of the family and couldn't be there today because he's getting older). And then she received stuff--a graded final exam of awesomeness from the humanities departments, a lab coat and goggles from the natural sciences and math departments, the world from the social sciences departments, and a haiku in song from the fine arts departments.

The students' gift to her? Her own Agnes Scott ring.

This is probably meaningful to only about five people reading this, but the Agnes Scott ring symbolizes a sisterhood. Once you take the ring, there's no going back. We're all in the ASC community together, and normally only ASC students receive these rings during their sophomore year, just as I received mine this year. Giving President Kiss a ring, even though she didn't attend Agnes Scott herself, shows something. It means she's one of us.

And she is. And she has shown that.

Anyway, after that was lunch (those chocolate brownies with walnuts and caramel were love, by the way), and then I whacked away at my SpARc presentation. I actually got a good bit done--I'm past Pluto's history and well into the fun part. The Internet part. It's really funny when people look at the schedule on the SpARc site and notice that I'm presenting in astrophysics. It tends to intimidate them a bit, as if math doesn't already do that to them. Then I have to explain to them that it's really not intimidating at all, and the only reason I'm listed as astrophysics is because that's the department I did the paper for. It's just as much sociology as it is science, and the science isn't super-hard to understand. I think I'll have a harder time explaining what YTMND is than explaining what clearing the neighborhood is.

Also, this morning I had one of those moments that just had to come out of a movie. We had a breakfast in the library patio, and I got there late because I figured we could drop in anytime during the hour. I was technically right about that part, but by the time I got there, there was just fruit and caramel sauce left. Luckily I like that stuff, so I took some and sat down to eat with Stephanie and Emily. Then it looked like we were getting kicked out, so we left the library. On the way out I wasn't watching where I was going, and I tripped down the stairs. Fruit flew everywhere in front of me. I spilled half my cup of lemonade.

The funny part? I still landed on my feet at the bottom of the stairs.

That's the second time I've done that in two weeks (and the first time was backwards up the stairs!). If anyone needs a stunt double for that purpose, let me know.

I'm going to be fashionably late to the inaugaral ball tonight, so don't bother looking for me at eight. More like nine. Or so. All the best parties start later anyway. Unless we're talking about the food.