April 21st, 2007

dumb ideas

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I learned something last night. Do not dance with the drunks, for you will get your foot stepped on. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I was right about all the good parties starting later, by the way. It started out as one of those formal parties--you know, with the food and the bar and the tinky music in the background because the band hadn't started playing yet. Stephanie, Colin, and I actually attemped a trio dance because we could and got several weird looks from various adults. After awhile the band started to play, and as I typically do, I went out there.

And at some point, someone stepped on my foot. Not on my toe, which I could have tolerated, but my foot. OW. It still hurts, even with ice on it. I should get that checked out at some point. Seriously, though, OW. I did get to dance on the stage, though, which was awesome. (And I overuse that word. I need some alternatives so I don't go stale.)

For now I'll be icing my feet in the hopes that that's all it'll take. Geez, I always seem to hurt my feet, don't I?
harry potter: don't speak his name

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So apparently the world doesn't like me today.

Brunch was being served in Inman lobby today because of alumnae weekend. I went in there, grabbed some food, and headed back to my room, intending to work as I ate. On the way back, though, I saw a trash can and headed toward it so I could throw away my cup since I had finished the drink in it. Just a few feet away from the trash can, though, I tripped, and food flew everywhere.

Sound familiar?

Fine, I thought. Except I had pasta sauce and strawberry cream cheese all over my jeans now. Great. At least my bedspread was due for a washing anyway, so I threw the jeans and a few other things in there with the spread.

If there is a god, ze must have my incredibly twisted sense of humor.