April 23rd, 2007


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I love my SpARC presentation. Seriously, I just spent the last half hour putting in screenshots of Uncyclopedia articles, Facebook groups, and YTMND pages. Now to burn a CD of Jonathan Coulton's Thing a Week Four with the Llama Song (and move "I'm Your Moon" to the first track), and see what else I can squeeze on there to go along with it because I'm weird like that, even if it does rip off my ID3 tags.

Speaking of JoCo, Len made a video of "First of May" that hasn't gotten taken down from Youtube yet. (Spiff's video did--yes, World of Warcraft and erm, copulating outside.) See Len's video here. I love that warning at the beginning. But wow, Len can draw.

I have five days of classes left. Five. Measly. Days. Count them. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (no classes Thursday because of SpARC), Monday, Tuesday. During this time and the week following, I do everything on my Post-it notes I posted a few weeks back (hee, posted), and then I'm finished. I'm halfway finished with college. Not halfway finished with school, mind, thanks to grad school. But I'm getting there.

It's not really scary, though, except that I realize that at some point, I really do have to grow up. At some point I'll have to venture out in this big place called the Real World (not to be confused with the MTV program *stabs*). Life will no longer be divided into semesters (well, considering what I want to do, it will be, but only to an extent), and I can't escape this by crawling into a corner. I have to face this fact, even if this "growing up" thing seems so far away. I'll stand tall and face it, all the while living life as if I'll live forever.

Also, curse you guys for the memesheepery. At least it was interesting. Yes, yes, I know I could have avoided the cute and fluffy little sheep, but how can I resist the fluff? It means I can avoid entries of real substance. Come to think of it, that's a pretty good description of most sheep entries.

Also, I need to start learning to make icons and such. I could really use some JoCo lyric icons.