April 24th, 2007

math: do it sans limit

All Your Basis

We finally figured out our name for the Scottie Math Bowl.

All Your Basis Are Belong To Us.

It's going to be awesome. We're going to have shirts and everything, and then I'm going to figure out something to enter the contest at mathsex. Ideas, anyone? I know that shirt will be involved somehow.

On the way back from work tonight, a huge branch fell from a tree. I was just walking back and minding my own business when I heard a stir. I turned to where the noise was coming from, and I saw something fall. It was a branch. A huge branch, too. I wouldn't be exaggerating by much if I said half the tree. Everyone around the tree just stared as the branch fell. Then someone yelled, "It's a demented squirrel!" and ran off.

For some reason this struck me as hilarious.

Since I haven't heard anything from Dr. DePree, I should probably assume we have lab tonight, even though this week is technically the make-up lab night. However, we decided that if tonight is clear, then we're going to have lab, and if not, then we won't worry about it. I haven't heard anything either way, so I guess I should assume that we have lab. Oh well. I guess that's better than assuming the other way around.