April 29th, 2007

hitchhiker's guide: doubt and uncertaint

Musings on Sheep

Trying to keep your spirits up during That Time Of The SemesterTM is difficult. Especially when you're just starting to research a paper that's due Thursday. Yeah, that's pretty rough. Okay, so that's my own fault, as I knew about the paper for several weeks, but I kept putting it off because of everything else. Now the paper is staring me in the face, begging to be written, lest I fail astronomy.

Living with very little writing is also difficult. I noticed this as I wrote in Dr. Nbook tonight and let the words flow. At first I thought my attempt at embodiment was yet another failure. But then I think of everything I've written in here in the past year. I've written something every day since last April, and most of that wasn't even memesheepery!

That reminds me. I want a shirt with a picture of a sheep, only the sheep is crossed out. Then on the back it'll say "No Sheep Allowed". That also reminds me of The Baby-Sitters Club for some reason. It was in one of the earlier books when Kristy and Claudia are arguing about fashion, and Kristy was wearing something with snowmen on it. Then Kristy asked when sheep became mature, and Claudia said that sheep were in.

Granted, this was before the Internet became mainstream, but it made me think. We see the term "sheep" on the Internet all the time now, but how old is the term? It's something fun to think about but hard to Google (but when I do Google "meme sheep", I get mostly LJ results on the first page. Interesting). And dictionary.com gives just the definition (even the memesheep one!) and the etymology of the word, but not when the memesheep version came into use. That'll be fun to research.

Anyway, back to the topic. I just thought it was funny that Claudia's "sheep are in" predates the Internet as we know it (which is funny since she tries so hard to stand out), and toward the end of the series, Stacey has her own email address. Yet they don't age. It cracks me up.

Would I be a total dork for wanting to finish the series? Really. I know the last ones aren't quite as good, but they make me laugh, especially considering I started reading them at sevenish, and I thought all thirteen-year-olds acted like that then. Boy, was I wrong.