May 1st, 2007

i think i can

'Cause it's the First of May, First of May,....

Happy First of May! (Warning: NSFW lyrics) We all know what this means.

Today was the last day of classes, meaning I just have one paper, one hour of work, one meeting, one tour, two exams, and one final problem set left. Let's just say I don't enjoy filling out course evaluations when I'm the only sophomore in the class, and the rest are juniors and seniors. I have to wonder how anonymous that part really is, really, mostly because this isn't the first time I've had that problem. At least I shouldn't have that again, oh poor oppressed me, unless I'm, say, the only senior in a class that year.

So I went to that scholarship reception tonight. There was free food, which definitely made it worth going to. We got to meet faculty advisors for a bunch of scholarships, so I went to introduce myself to Dr. Finco, the advisor for the Goldwater scholarship (and probably the reason I was there in the first place), and I found out that yes, the math department had given him my name. That explains a few things, anyway. So he told me all about the process and the qualifications (which I meet--US citizen, must want to go on to graduate school and do research in math or science, et cetera). The catch? Only four students per school can be nominated. We'll see what happens.

Then work, then now. It's hard to believe I'm almost halfway finished with college.

Oh, have a poll! I got an e-mail from Adrienne today, saying that since I was so awesome with everything I did for admissions through SEC and TC, I get a $15 gift certificate to the place of my choice. Now I can think of a lot of places. Help me choose (or at least give me ideas)!

Poll #976999 Give me a store!

What store should I choose for my gift certificate?