May 2nd, 2007

happy birthday

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Joyeux anniversaire, pinkngreen5286!

I really don't want to write this astronomy paper. I'm only half a page in (out of five) and it's due at 5pm tomorrow. Someone remind me why I work for an hour today and have a meeting and a tour tomorrow afternoon.

Or just send happy galactic cannibalistic thoughts my way. That works, too.

Remember, self: a week from now it'll all be over.
sleepy bunny



I just researched and wrote an entire five-page paper.

In less than forty-eight hours.

While living life, dicking around on the Internet, and putting the whole thing off the entire time. And I didn't pull a single all-nighter in the process.

I'd party, but I'd much rather collapse, especially considering I skipped the pancake jam tonight. It wasn't intentional, either. I was just on a roll then, and I didn't want to take a break to break my train of thought.

Tomorrow we finish the extra credit essay, turn those in, and party (especially since it's probably about a C paper anyway). Today we sleep.