May 3rd, 2007

la tour eiffel

*squees loudly*

I'm going to France!!!

(cue way too many exclamation marks here) Oh, screw it.


The best part? I know a ton of people who are going fairly well. This is going to be one awesome trip.


Also, I turned in my astronomy extra credit assignment, gave a tour, and started my probability exam. I did one problem correctly, screwed up on another problem based on my answer, and now we'll see what happens.
writing: sing muse

To make my day even better...

Script Frenzy is up!

If you've done NaNo before, and you remember your username and password, you don't even have to sign up again--just sign in with your NaNo username and password, and you're set. If you want a new username, though, go ahead. I'm still using my NaNo username (sushimustwrite) there, so look for me there.

Anyone else with me?

Three more post-its. Less than a month to go before Script Frenzy starts. Less than three weeks before six weeks of mathy researchy funtimes. And, of course, JP writing.

This summer will be amazing.