May 11th, 2007

speak your mind

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So it's time to update. Logic has apparently hopped the failboat in my family. Jeffrey was arguing with Mum earlier about staying out later tonight--11:30 instead of 11:00. Wow, like something really exciting will happen in those thirty extra minutes, little brother.

His reasoning? He has had to be in at eleven for three years (oh, the horror!), he's eighteen now, and he's older! Come on, doesn't that, of all things, mean he gets to stay out later? Let's not even talk about how mature Jeffrey actually is; it's all about age.

Mum's reasoning against this? "Because I say so."

And I laughed. Not at either one of them in particular, but because anything resembling logic in this argument had gone out the window.

"Don't you laugh!" Jeffrey said.

"I'm not laughing at you," I told him. "I'm laughing at the fact that anything resembling logic has left this argument." That shut him up, but it didn't bring any logic to the argument.

But it made me think. Growing up, "Because I say so" was usually the only reason behind most things. This frustrated me a lot because I have to have strong reasoning behind things. It's why I tend to question things that I think are silly because they have no firm reasoning behind them. I think this is why I left religion behind, among other things (and among other reasons).

Speaking of religion, though, Grandmother put Mum and me down for some mother-daughter banquet that the church is having tomorrow morning. I found this really funny since Mum doesn't normally go to church, and she knows I don't go to church anymore, even though she's apparently still in denial about it--she gave me a copy of the prayer list when I went to see her the day I came home. As long as there's no preaching, and nobody asks me if I'm coming to church tomorrow, I won't cause a ruckus. Promise.

On this topic, though, I'm a lot happier this way, and not just because I'm finally finding myself. I'm happier because I'm not falling for something I don't truly believe in. I'm not letting myself fall for something without questioning it completely.

On a less deep topic, today's xkcd deserves a huge awwww. The real question, of course, is whether this would actually work.