May 12th, 2007


I have a cactus!

The brunch this morning was fun.  There was no preaching, and only two people asked if I was going to be at church tomorrow, and I managed to brush them off.  Whew.

In other news, I'm now the proud owner of a brand-new cactus.  Seriously!  I decided that I wanted to keep some plants alive, including the carnivorous plants I acquired awhile back that I haven't gotten around to germinating because I could never get space in the dorm fridge and they need to germinate for six to eight weeks.  So this summer we're going to see if I can keep plants alive.  I bought the cactus and some pretty purple flowers this afternoon, and I'm taking them with me to Clemson as part of Operation: Save the Plants while my flytraps are germinating in the fridge at home.  This is going to be pretty awesome.

Putting on the Ritz--the high school's jazz band concert, which is actually a pretty big deal around here--is tonight, and I'm going to that since, well, I go every year.

Oh!  Here's how to care for this cactus:

"When watering cacti and succulents in the home, wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.  Then water well, and let any excess water drain off.  For good lighting, southern and western exposure windows are the best, although north and east will suffice with cautious watering.  Fertilize sparingly every 4-6 weeks April through September.  Allow the plant to remain dormant for a period of rest with little or no watering December through February."

There.  Just in case I lose the paper.  Knowing me, it'll probably happen, even if I do tape it in Dr. Nbook because I'll finish writing in it.
math: hypotamoose

Phi Time!

I was taking my drugs in the kitchen when I saw the envelope that once contained our tickets to Putting on the Ritz. "Four tickets, Table ten," it said.

"Oooh, phi of ten is four!" I thought.

Yes, that was one of many geektastic moments of the day. (Don't know what the phi function is? Find out!)

Oh, and it was a pretty good time, too. The music was good, the food was good, and even though I really wanted to get out there on the dance floor, something stopped me. I don't know why. I really don't. I would say it was because I didn't know anyone else there well, which is silly because I still get out there and dance on other occasions when I don't know anyone else. Hrm. Or maybe it was because my parents were there, who really aren't used to seeing their brainiac daughter doing anything other than dicking around on the Internet looking for patterns and reading and writing and doing math.

I'll have to think on this.

Also, who on earth tags Coldplay as "indie" on Come on.