May 13th, 2007


Mother's Day

Today's Mother's Day. In my family this means that in order to prevent Mum and Grandmother from cooking, Uncle Pat brings fried chicken to Grandmother's, and the six of us eat lunch together. This happened again today. Uncle Pat provided the food; we provided the red velvet cake. Afterward Jeffrey and I ran out to buy Mother's Day gifts for Mum and Grandmother--not because we forgot, but because I haven't been home long, and I couldn't buy them yesterday since I was out with Mum almost all day.

But I was thinking about Mother's Day, and for some reason Valoween popped in my mind. If I don't celebrate Valoween because I want to celebrate love every day, does that mean I shouldn't celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other day dedicated to celebrating something? I sat there and thought about it for a bit, and finally I decided that besides the "one day to celebrate love when I'd rather celebrate every day" thing, the thing that really bugs me about Valoween is the commercialism. Since there's not so much for Mother's Day, Father's Day, et cetera, I'm perfectly justified in celebrating those holidays as long as I celebrate my love for them every day as well. Just don't let the fundies find out.

Speaking of Mother's Day, have a Mother's Day song by Paul and Storm. While we're on the topic of love (and Paul and Storm), have the best love song ever. The second verse is my favorite. *sings* Your love is smallpox...

I swear I'm not normally this twisted. Wait. Yes, I am. Just not disgustingly so.

There, that feels a lot better.

I've started rereading the Harry Potter books and Quirkyalone, just to remind myself of my manifesto. I forgot how good all these books are. Speaking of books, though, I have a new bookshelf to take care of the overflow of books that I have somehow acquired this year. I should probably get rid of all these high school notes at some point. I'm just a packrat like that.