May 16th, 2007

water contains hydrogen

Grades and links!

Grades came in today.

Astronomy: A
Astronomy Lab: ???
French 230: A
Number Theory: A-
Probability: B

So all in all, definitely not my best semester, but not my worst either.  That honor would go to my first semester at Agnes.  As for that astronomy lab whose grade is currently unknown, I'm guessing it's also an A since thanks to Blackboard, I have a 95 in the lab.  So either Dr. DePree sent those grades in late (weird, since he also taught the class) or he forgot that the lab is in fact graded separately.  If it's not up by the end of tomorrow I'll e-mail him about it.  Either way, I got a 95 on that famous rushed paper and a 98 on the final, so it looks like his not finding that one assignment I turned in late didn't even matter in the end.  Heh.

The thing I'm worried about, though, is not my overall GPA (although it's going to be hard to bring it up to what I want it to be) but my math GPA, which dropped this semester.  A lot.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it definitely dropped by a whole tenth of a point.  Yeah, I know.  Whoop-de-doo.  Seriously, though, this means I need to get that up, and since I'm taking a lot of math classes in the next two years, I need to concentrate on those even more, especially since I'm definitely planning on grad school unless something drastic or even more life-changing than discovering a life calling happens.

Now, for random linkage. Just as I was wondering if metaquotes had lost a lot of its funny lately (yes, it has), this post on Jerry Falwell's death comes up.

Today's xkcd made me laugh way too hard. The alt text wins.

Facebook is looking really funky in Firefox. The news feed is pushing everything over to the right and all those little icons to the left, and I can't click the little "notes", "photos", et cetera buttons. It works fine in IE *shudders*. Weird. I should go shower so I can be forgiven of such a sin.