May 18th, 2007


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I leave for Clemson tomorrow, and I'll actually be there on Sunday. I'm excited as... well, I can't think of a simile good enough for my excitement. Actually, I probably could if I thought hard enough. I don't feel like thinking, though, which isn't exactly news to anyone. According to the three sets of directions I have it's a bit over three hours to get there. Whoever wrote those directions didn't account for Atlanta traffic. At all.

Anyway, I received an e-mail from the REU director about getting there and checking into the dorm in which I'll be staying. Apparently I'll be staying in a sorority house. Who knew?

There was one problem, though. He mentioned going somewhere else to check into the dorms, so I looked at the campus map he had provided. I couldn't find that somewhere else, despise finding all the other places he mentioned. So I searched the entire site for Norris, and this was the first result. I think I love them already.

But besides being excited, I'm also nervous. Really nervous, as in I'm a little afraid I won't find any interesting results during my time there or I'll disappoint everyone or I'll be a total flop or I'll forget all the math I ever learned. Ever. (Actually, sometimes I feel like I'm forgetting now.) After all, a lot of these people have had a lot more math than I have had, and they may be those geniuses that some people insist that I am (ergh).

But then I remember that I was chosen for this for a reason. I must have stood out somehow. How? We'll find out.
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