May 27th, 2007

not rhetorical?

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Over the past day (or more if I just haven't been up to date) Facebook has been transformed into an external application-heavy power-hungry site that is threatening to devour the souls of ordinary people around the world.

I'm starting to see an eerier resemblance between Facebook and MySpace every day, and I don't even use that spawn of Satan.

In other news, today's Sinfest is love. Ninja Jesus wins. And apparently I am God. And Jesus. With ninjas. Sweet.

I also have burned shoulders and a cut on the palm of my hand from our trip to the lake yesterday. We had to climb over the fence because of the no trespassing sign and because we didn't realize that we could just squeeze through the gate. Good thing I got a tetanus shot two years ago, I guess. Then we went out to eat because Nikhil finally arrived, and we played Mafia in the lounge of the guys' dorm. Oh, Mafia. People kept killing me or voting me off first when I was just an innocent townsperson. No, I would never be a mafia tree. Being a God tree or a ninja tree would be much more fun. Why do you ask?

And then after this people straggled out, and some of us just stayed and talked. I stumbled out around one because I decided I'd rather fall asleep in my bed than in the rather comfortable chair.

I've been playing around with self-matrimony lately, complete with buying a nice ring and everything, and engraving something on it and taking the vows. I've been kicking a few phrases around for the ring. The main problem is finding someone to officiate since I may or may not skip the legal process. I'd like to find someone who could actually officiate the wedding and take it seriously, just as I'm taking it seriously.

I'll keep kicking this around.