June 2nd, 2007


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Script Frenzy word count: 1057 words

LJ still won't let me update with long entries or edit entries. This isn't good because I write mostly long entries and because I'm compiling a post-news statement drama reaction, just for my own interest.

So I thought LOLbots were made of win. But then Paul and Storm came up wtih LOLCoultons, combining many of my favorite things into one. WIN.
not rhetorical?

All right, I need your help.

My MC is traveling to Nova Scotia tomorrow real-life time to see a total solar eclipse, from which the rest of the screenplay unfolds. She can't see the eclipse in Halifax for plot reasons, so she's going away from Halifax into a really small town. This leads to a problem. There are a LOT of small towns in Nova Scotia. Want to help me choose one?

Also, I'm in love with the scene I wrote last night/today. I need to figure out a way to bring that mystic back. I'll post it when LJ's less stubborn with my long entries.

Edit: 1501 words.