June 14th, 2007

pearls before swine: sad

Loss of photographic evidence

I gave my talk on the Pigeonhole Principle this morning, which went really well. We (well, minus Nikhil since he was sick--I joked that he skipped since I was speaking) all went out to lunch with Scott, our speaker for today and tomorrow, and afterward I decided to get some pictures of the chalkboard, which still had the last part of my talk.

That's when I noticed it. I had 400 pictures left to take on that memory card. I know I had taken many more than that. So after I took those pictures, I looked through what I had taken, and sure enough, it said I had taken only sixteen pictures.

What‽ (That's an interrobang, for the curious.) So I looked at what pictures were still there, and guess what was still around.

The very first pictures that Mum took to make sure the camera actually worked (of Dad, and I just left them there), and the very last pictures I took (the falls over the weekend, and the chalkboard). Everything else--all the Dr. Nbook stuff, the pictures of my room, of Agnes, the concerts, the speakers, everything... was gone.

I can get some of it back (going back to take pictures of places), but I can't go back and get the experiences. I have the memories, but not the photographic evidence.

So please, please don't take anything for granted. Just because you have something for one minute--even something as small as a picture and not something as big as someone in your life--doesn't mean you'll have it the next.

And as always, ALWAYS back your stuff up. It's about time I do that myself, and I just backed up everything from the memory card to the computer.

These lessons are always learned best the hard way, aren't they?
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