June 19th, 2007

BatB: Belle adventure

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Script Frenzy Word Count: 13021 words

Colm talked about math and card tricks today, along with hyperbolic geometry. I have only two things to say to this besides incessant squeeing and awesomeness. One, he's at Spelman, so I'm definitely getting him to come to Agnes and talk to the Infinity Club at some point. Two, I want to learn to crochet just so I can make a hyperbolic skirt. Here, this article has pictures. Do you see why I want to wear it now?

It rained this afternoon. And by rained, I mean poured. I was helping Justine install LaTeX on her computer when it started raining, and since we were still in Martin, we still had to walk--she to her car, me to the dorm. Letting all the water cascade over my body, letting my hair get wet even though I had my binder and could cover it, running through the rain while everyone else was trying to avoid it--it's beautiful. Pure beauty pouring down from the sky. I took it all in while everyone else ran for shelter, and in that moment, it came to me.

The climax scene for my screenplay. The one I'm writing the entire screenplay for, the single scene (or maybe series of scenes). In an instant of letting the rain fall over me, of trying to wipe the rain out of my eyes and finally giving up, it's there.

And it's beautiful.

I hope.