June 30th, 2007

lion: yay!

I finished Script Frenzy!

Final Word Count: 20022 words (according to RD)
Final Word Count: 20114 words (according to SF WC verifier)

Yes, I finished the first-ever Script Frenzy.

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I didn't even notice at first. I hit ctrl+w and ignored hte word count. Then it kicked in. Did that say 20000? I hit ctrl+w again. Sure enough, it said 20019 words. I finished Script Frenzy. And even though my script needs A LOT of work, my script is finished.

And because I find it amusing, have a scrambled excerpt of my script. Don't worry. I still have the original.


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Erm, the single a's for the character name is Miranda. I forgot to send that as AAAAAAA. Ah well. Anyone want to figure out which scene this is?

(I really need to edit those chunks of description. They're good chunks of description, but they're... chunks. They need to be slimmer. More paragraphs are good in the screenplay case, strangely enough.)
writing: within this journal

So if you care to find me, look to the western sky

This weekend Venus and Saturn are really close together. I actually went outside tonight to see this. It was cloudy out, but the clouds obscured everything except the pairing.

I also wrote in Dr. Nbook today. I looked at the last day I wrote. 2 June. That's right. Four weeks ago. What happened to me? Yes, I know that Script Frenzy and the REU and life in general happened, but how on earth could I go four weeks without writing in Dr. Nbook, even though I've written just about every day in here and, of course, in my script?

I think the answer lies within my memory. Yes, my memory. I write to remember. If I don't write something down, I will almost definitely forget. This means that if I don't have time to write for a day, I will inevitably forget what I was going to write about. Cue the snowball effect.

This is what happened over the past four weeks.

Finally I picked up the pen. I didn't write down much. It was, however, a start. A start toward a healthier relationship with Dr. Nbook. How I've missed it.

Because sometimes you have to pick up the pen and keep going, no matter what you've already done.