July 13th, 2007


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Today was the last day of the REU. The last day. All of us (minus Justine, who was sick--David managed to talk her out of going) went to the Chinese place for lunch, and the rest of the day was free. I used this time to wander around the campus, taking pictures, finding places I never knew existed. I did find what I think are most of the Greek signs, but I know I'm missing at least Epsilon and Kappa Theta. I'll post them at some point. (I did back them up this time, though.)

And now I'm packing, packing a new and improved version of my life away into boxes, awaiting the next adventure.

I found The Crash Of The Internet funny. MySpace does have the potential to break all of the Internet. Best line: "I just want to ctrl-alt-del myself".

What else is there? Shelly just gave me a ball she got at her boyfriend's robotics competition in Atlanta. Whee! Now I can draw on it and make all sorts of geometric shapes. Not that there are shapes that aren't geometric.

There's a lot of packing left to be done, though. I should probably do that, considering I'm leaving in... oh, about twelve hours. *flies*