July 17th, 2007

harry potter: don't speak his name

The end is nigh

So I found out today that the mail around here is unpredictable, meaning that I could get Book Seven as late as 1pm Saturday. *sigh* This is not good, considering I want to be around immediately afterward to write my review and to watch Potterdammerung (it takes too many keys on Yoshi to type umlauts, sorry) go down...not that it isn't already.

Speaking of which, I have a Journalfen account now. Don't know what I'm going to use it for besides finally commenting non-anonymously on the wank communities (because Fandom Wank has anonymous commenting off at random times) and crossposting there what little I write about fandom here, but it exists. (If any of you are there, I'm sushi. I'm kind of surprised the name wasn't taken, to be honest.)

I'm about halfway through Phoenix now. If I read like crazy I can finish through HBP by Friday and be ready for Saturday. The end is near.

We don't see much of Ravenclaw House in the books; what little we do see of them portrays them as love interests of Gryffindors, assorted minor characters, and Luna Lovegood. The Gryffindors never have a class with the Ravenclaws until N.E.W.T. level as far as we know (you'd think Charms or Transfiguration since they typically have Herbology with Hufflepuff and Potions with Slytherin, but Charms or Transfiguration with Ravenclaw is never mentioned--in fact, in GoF we find out that in that book, at least, it's just Gryffindor). And, of course, JKR herself said that Ravenclaw will have their day. There's only one book left, so we know what this means.

Which has very little to do with the Poll of the Day. We know there are seven horcruxes (including Voldemort himself). We don't know what one of them is. Here, have a poll.

Poll #1023441 Horcruxes!

What's the missing horcrux?

Something of Gryffindor's
Something of Ravenclaw's
Something Voldemort stole from the orphanage
Harry himself
Something else altogether
I have no idea

[insert witty ticky question here]

[insert ticky enthusiasm here]
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[insert 'But what have the tickies done to you?' sentiment here]
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