July 27th, 2007

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Today I was thinking more about the Bookcrossing project and the 1001Journals project from last night, and I thought: What if I combined the two? What if I started a journal, wrote an entry in it, and passed it on with instructions for the next person to write/draw/scribble one entry and pass it on? I could leave my name and address in the back cover with instructions to send it back to me when the journal is completed. It could be amazing, tapping creativity of complete strangers. The journal could travel all over the world before landing in my hands again--if it lands in my hands again. And if I never see it again, it's okay.

Risky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

Now I just have to find the perfect journal for the project. Funny I should say that, considering I have four blank journals waiting to be written in right now. But this one should be different. It should be unlined, for one. I may not be an artist, but someone who finds it might be. I'd like to see what they come up with, sans inhibition of lines.

It'll go in the wild after my return to Agnes. I don't know whether I'll release it to someone I know or just release it at a specific place, but it'll go to someone or somewhere. I'll think of that later.

Yesterday Jeffrey let slip that he had slept in my bed. Apparently when he had some friends over he decided that instead of all of them squeezing on his bed, one of them could sleep on my bed since I wasn't there. That someone could be him. "Eeek! Someone's been sleeping in my bed!"

Ah well. I washed the sheets, and all was well.
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