August 10th, 2007

more than just exist

Following the Flow

Today's Brown Sharpie is absolutely adorable. The storyline up to this strip makes it even better. For some reason that makes me think of a really bad pickup line. "I'd violate mathematics for you." I'm so bad at pickup lines it's laughable. But that's okay.

Also, apparently the Backstreet Boys are making new stuff. Wow, Nick looks like such a tard in that picture. It reminds me of fifth grade for some reason. My fifth grade teacher would let us bring music to listen to while we worked, and the girls brought in Spice Girls and Hanson and Backstreet Boys, and the boys brought in Jock Jams. Each half of the class made fun of the other half's musical tastes. Me, I didn't really catch on to this pop culture thing until I hit middle school, when I discovered that some people will do anything to fit in. Hell, I picked out a cheerleading team application in middle school. Yes, I'm serious. No, I didn't try out, but that was because frankly, I didn't care enough to learn the dance routine for the tryout. I knew I wouldn't have made it anyway, the cabal aside.

But knowing that I wouldn't have succeeded hasn't stopped me from a lot of other things. In fact, I don't know most of the time. Unless I decide to, say, try to jump to the moon. That wouldn't be a very successful endeavor. It'd be fun, though.

I've missed this liveliness in my writing lately. Every time I put pen to paper, I just feel this block. Stuff to write down is spinning like mad in my brain, but ther's a block somewhere between the brain and the hand, something that doesn't want me to write it down. I'm thinking one day I'll wind up slipping and saying whatever it is I'm not writing down, and it'll be something mundane like "I don't like bacon". Which is ridiculous because I do like bacon, especially microwaved bacon because that stuff is oddly tasty and just perfect for my non-salty tastes. That's rather unexpected considering I don't like salt.

If it's something not quite as mundane, though, I'm holding the thought and writing it down.