August 11th, 2007

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Family get-together of the sort

We had a mini spontaneous family get-together at Uncle Bob's today. Almost everyone was there--Grandmother, Uncle Bob, Aunt Fanny (yes, I'm serious), Uncle Jim (who was up from Florida; Aunt Lois wasn't there), Sandra, Kenneth, Tommy, Patricia, Beverly, Jimmy (Ronnie's kid), Mum, Dad, and me. Uncle Ira and Aunt Tim (yeah, she doesn't go by her given name; I have no idea why) showed up right before we left. Jimmy, who's about twelve and who I rarely get to see, and I went to the creek behind Uncle Bob's house and started digging for crawdads in the creek. By some weird coincidence, it's the same creek that runs right down the road from my house. Our prize was one shell of Jimmy's.

But today was Tommy's birthday. Tommy's one of those relatives who disappears for a long time, but when he pops up again, it's as if he wasn't gone in the first place. He'll call us when he's in town and say, "Hey, I'm back" and then pop in during the middle of dinner. Well, he popped up today, so all of us had cake and ice cream for him.

Jeffrey's leaving for college tomorrow morning. Yes, tomorrow. I'm not surprised at the 'tomorrow' part. I'm surprised at the 'holy crap my widdle brother's going off to college holy crap I'm getting old' part. For the time being, we'll ignore the fact that he's only two years younger than I am. I should probably tell him bye at some point and not to do anything I wouldn't do. Actually, my list is pretty short. His list is probably considerably longer.

We all grow up so fast, don't we?
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