August 15th, 2007

denial is popular place

Yes please!!!

I love LJ's stats page. The really fun part is the raw data page, though. You get gems like this:

gender F 3789476
gender M 1852963
gender Sex: yes please!!! 1
gender U 2157747

Where's the yes please!!! option? I don't remember seeing that when choosing a gender. *checks userinfo* Nope, still not there. I'm thinking someone stuck it in there as a joke. :P

There's also this gem: stateus denial 1

Well, denial is popular this time of year, I hear. Confusion isn't on there, though. Sad.

I find this interesting. A little digging through the articles in question helped me find the actual edits. I haven't actually heard of the Wikipedia scanner, but I can't help but think that if the person had actually signed up for an account instead of editing as an anonymouse, the IP wouldn't have shown up on the page history. Since IPs can be blocked from editing on Wikipedia, though, this wouldn't completely solve the problem, as it could prevent valid accounts from editing. That's why there's a template to slap on your userpage if you share an IP with a ton of people. Oh, and here's the post in the LJ comm. One of the Wikimedia press contacts comments on the Wikiscanner (since that person has been talking about it all day).

I've archived all my old entries up to the end of 2002--basically, through the beginning of the end of Robert, discovering NaNoWriMo, getting rejected from GHP, and a lot more. My life really was a soap opera back then, but there was a lot of humor there, too, like naming my biology lab dissections and being the dead body in the Julius Caesar monologues because I didn't feel like memorizing it for the extra credit and finishing NaNoWriMo, despite being at only 20,000 words on the 25th.

But that turned out okay. And so will this.