August 29th, 2007

guilty bookie

Finally, the teal deer update.

One trip to the psych theme house, one trip to Target and Office Depot in search of a 50-foot ethernet cord, and one avoided cactus attack later, Mum, Dad, and I finally unloaded all my stuff out of the car. They left the hooking up of Compy to me, though. No big deal, I thought. I've done this before. But then I had a huge brain fart about the thing that plugs the monitor into the wall. I couldn't figure out where the thing that goes into the monitor went. An hour of staring and unproductive plugging-in and one phone call later, I figured it out. The monitor worked. Whew.

I unpacked a lot Sunday night. And by 'a lot', I mean just about everything. Just about everything was loaded on my bed, and, well, I wanted to sleep on it that night. That involved getting everything off my bed and making my bed before going to bed that night. During this time I found what has to be the only bad thing about this room:

Me: Yeah, I left it upstairs.
(runs upstairs to the loft)

Me: Okay, where is it? (looks around more)
(flash of brilliance) Oh! It's downstairs.
(runs back downstairs)

Whatever-it-is is downstairs. Sure enough.

I did that at least ten times Sunday. And those stairs are steep. I can manage them fine, but walking down them barefoot isn't the easiest thing I've ever done.

Our theme for this building is 'A Cornucopia of Love'. Our RD has to be a Potter Puppet Pals fan. I'm tempted to make a Snape name label for my door. It's an orange or something right now.

Monday. I bought my remaining books, effectively interrupting Dr. Koch's advising session with a firstie. ("You came to give me money, right?" "I certainly did." "Now this is the kind of student I like." "I expect something mathematical in exchange for this, you know.") I also made my epsilon greater than shirt, which I'm wearing right now, and I got my Internet connection working. WHOO!

Tuesday was crammed with meetings of the Tower Council, math LA, and hall variety. Oh, and I got to meet my Scottie Sister, Pauline. We wound up just hanging around the science quad talking, and then we went to my room, and Renu and I showed it off. We went back to Pauline's dorm, and we found a Scrabble board in her dorm lobby, and we started to play. Pauline left early, but Diane from that floor walked in and started to play too. I have a picture of the end result. A picspam post is in the near future.

Oh, and today. Remember this from yesterday or so? Dr. Koch made a section on Blackboard for student art, and he put it there. He waited until Chevonne pointed it out this morning before he clicked on it, though. He wrote back to me with this when I sent it to him:

Ah, it's amazing what you can find on-line nowadays, huh?

Seems like you have too much free time. A little abstract algebra should cure that problem. :)

See you in 38 minutes.

He got one part right, at least.

But there are six people in abstract--Mira, Sarah, Chevonne, Sam, Lily, and me. I've had at least two classes with each of them except for Lily--this is actually my first class with her, and she's in my year. Then again, I haven't exactly taken the most traditional math path through Agnes.

We get bonus points on our final grade for finding typos in our abstract book. To quote the syllabus: To encourage the reading of the text, there will be a grand total of n bonus points awarded on top of the final grade, where n equals the number of students. The number of points you earn will be directly related to the number of typos you find (and submit). The formula is B = nt / y, where B is the number of bonus points you earn, t is the number of typos you find, and y is the total number of typos found. So in my class there are six bonus points floating around, waiting to be distributed. And yes, I've already found (and submitted) one.

On to physics. We had a 'snoop sheet' to fill out. It asked for the last math class we had taken, and it had a mini-diagnostic math test just so he could see our background. The integral and derivative on there were cake. Not at all taxing, especially from a guy who said on his syllabus that falling behind on physics reading is hazardous to your health and put in the syllabus "Midterm Beast Exam". Encouraging.

Geometry, of course, is yet another entity. I haven't had a Lewin class since spring first year, and an upper-level class taught by her is bound to be a beast. Twenty-hour tests, here I come. We talked about what lines and points and planes were and finally realized that defining them is really hard. And then we dove into the part that I didn't get a chance to start reading yet. I forgot how fast-paced her classes are.

I'm suddenly glad I have only French tomorrow. Oh, and the student activities fair. But I have three classes Friday, meaning I need to do everything tomorrow, especially for geometry.