August 30th, 2007

don't want to be lost in crowd

And I thought Thursday was supposed to be my lazy day this semester!

Well, considering the rest of my schedule, it definitely won't be--guess when I'll be doing all my work? Actually, I'll just have a tour (if anyone shows up) on Tuesday since there's no physics lab and Mme Knowlton's out of town, meaning there's some career planning thing in place of French which is totally optional.

My first French class was today. Holy crap. The entire syllabus was in French, which wasn't a huge shock. The huge shock? A ten-page paper and either a presentation or another (smaller) paper. All in French. *dies* I mean, my senior project in high school was in French, but it was a creative project. A serious academic project? The two put together are half our grade--25% for each. The other half comes from participation (25%) and a midterm (25%). Somehow I think taking these particular classes this semester wasn't my brightest idea. If you don't hear from me in December, that's why. I get to do at least two presentations, three if I opt for one in French, which to be honest might be easier than the paper. To be honest, though? When I did my presentation in 231, I wrote the entire presentation down on note cards. In 243, I fudged it and fumbled through a few parts. I'll figure that out later, though.

One trip to CVS for candy, two meals, one class, and two hours in the math center later1, it was time for the student activities fair! I was setting up for the Aurora and Infinity Club booths, but I volunteered for Aurora first (because Melissa emailed us the night before and forgot that Sarah and Mira were officers--but come to think of it, I know that only because Nicole told Melissa and me over dinner one night last semester).

Then I remembered that while Olivia and I had made an awesome sign for Aurora last night, we hadn't done a thing for Infinity Club because, well, we're slackers. Luckily the student workroom is right across from the Aurora office, so I ran in there, painted a (very rushed) sign for the Infinity Club, unloaded all the Aurora stuff onto its table on the quad, and finally grabbed the Infinity Club sign and taped it on the table. Four trips up and down three flights of stairs, I think, but that's besides the point.

With the sign, the mailing list taped on the table, the pen, and the bowl of candy, I figured that at least someone would notice it, and I could check on it now and then. After all, Shannon was at the Camera Obscura table next to Aurora, and she's also on the staff. So everything was fine for awhile.

Until it started to rain.

That's right. We saw the clouds; we saw the OC people running around, telling us that if it started to rain, just pick up our entire tables and take them inside Alston. Easy enough; I looked at my watch. Almost five. I glanced at the Infinity Club table while telling someone about Aurora--after all, Melissa was supposed to be there by then. Nobody there. Nobody else was at my table, either--Olivia and Leda weren't there yet. The person signed her name on the mailing list and left.

I ran to the Infinity Club table, grabbed the mailing list and the candy (the pen I had left there was long gone, but at least it was the cheap Bic pen), and put it in our box. The list was saved (and people besides Renu and everyone at the Astronomy Club 'meeting' last night had actually signed up).

Then Tammy (someone in the Calc I class I was the LA for last fall) came to the Aurora table. "Do you need help with that?" she asked.

"Please," I replied as the rain fell. We picked up the table and followed the mass migration into Alston, finally settling down near the post office. I thanked her profusely before she left, and I fought the crowd to go back outside and save my crappy Infinity Club sign. Olivia was there when I got back. I was trying to figure out how to arrange the booth when she suggested we hang up the Aurora sign on the wall (it was a pretty awesome sign if you didn't see it) and hang the Infinity Club sign from the table. This solved my being in two places at one time problem, anyway, so we put the Infinity Club stuff on one side of the table and the Aurora stuff on the other side. It worked out quite well, even if a few people almost signed up for the Infinity Club list instead of the Aurora list (the evil genius in me almost let them) and asking people "So, do you like creative writing? Art? Math?" and watching the reactions. It was pretty awesome.

I recommend shaking a few people's worlds anytime.

1The department changed the name from Learning Support Center to Math Learning Center. The change sort of makes sense, but the acronym LSC just rolls off the tongue naturally, while MLC, well, doesn't. Must be the soft sounds. I'll keep using the lsc tag until I feel like renaming it, though. :P