September 1st, 2007


I is blogginz. Leef I alonz.

The Decatur Book Festival is this weekend, and I went this morning. The festival was a lot bigger than last year's, but I did see quite a few familiar booths and even a few familiar faces. (A couple of people recognized me, too, which was surprising.) There was also an Anne Frank exhibit at the courthouse (not associated with the festival, for those who want to see it later) that I stopped to see. At the end we could take a piece of paper that contained a line from her diary. My line's downstairs, and I'm too tired to go down, get it, and finish this entry. I'll post it later.

After that I headed back to Agnes for lunch because Stephanie, Melody, Renu, and I were going to help out a friend of Renu's who feeds the homeless in Woodruff Park on weekends. So we hopped on Marta and rode into downtown Atlanta when we realized something--none of us knew where the park was. We stopped and asked an officer, and he told us to go straight ahead for a block and turn left. The directions were straightforward on the whole, but as we started to walk straight we ran right into a jazz festival and found ourselves walking wherever obstructions weren't. Then I started to wonder if the directions were commutative--that is, if left, then straight was the same thing as straight, then left. We walked to the end of the block and turned left before we realized that this corner wasn't the corner Melody had looked up. We decided to keep going. About twenty minutes later we found a map and realized that we had somehow wound up going in the opposite direction.

Argh. So we went back. And guess what we realized. The construction site we passed earlier had a way to turn left. And we had just kept going.

Oh well. Into the park we went. Now to hunt for Renu's friend. We didn't find him anywhere, so finally we called him. Turns out he had a flat tire and other issues and couldn't come, but didn't think to call us because, well, not that many people show up in the first place. Oh, as it turns out, the directions wouldn't have been commutative because the roads were really weird.

Then tonight I went to a talk on blogging and the media at Wordsmiths, featuring Laurel of JewishyIrishy, author Karin Gillespie, Tim from BabyGotBooks, Hacks from Resonator Mag, and Russ from Wordsmiths Books. They talked about how the print publications view blogs, e-blogs, and, of course, lolcats. At the end I finally noticed all the pictures on the table--they were lolcats. Each of them chose the one that best fit them, and at the end they let us take them. I took this one. It's taped to Compy right now.

Hacks put on some music for awhile before One Hands Loves The Other (that's redirect to their MySpace--shudder--for now.) came up. They are awesome. Seriously, they have an electric cello and a flute. How cool is that? So we were just standing around talking afterward, and Nancy asked my name. I told her. "Are you half-Korean?" she asked. When I said yes, she got all excited and said "Whoo! KP!"

"You meet them everywhere," I replied.

"Yeah, I'm half-Chinese and half-African," Lou said.

"We can all tell under that layer of makeup," I replied. And we all cracked up.

It was a great time, though. Of course,that means I actually have to, you know, get work done tomorrow.