September 2nd, 2007

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At least tomorrow's an off day.

Some random tidbits from my first week back that just don't fit anywhere else:

* Liz (another math LA) and I have three classes together--French, geometry, and physics. It's hilarious. We didn't realize this until Thursday in the math center, by which time we had already had those three classes. We had linear and multivariable together, but that was when five or six other people were also taking both classes at the same time, which didn't make the effect as fantastic. Even better? She's a French major; I'm a French minor-maybe-major. I'm a math major; she's a math minor.

* Dr. Lewin made us fill out these papers to get to know us (kind of pointless since she has had all of us before) and our geometric experiences (okay, there's a point for this one). One of the question was From your experiences so far, what do you think is the most interesting thing about math? I stared at the paper, trying to figure out how to answer this without having to use more paper than the back. Finally I decided that the best way would be to lie to make it shorter. I still took up a good chunk of the back, though. I'll write up the truth in another entry.

* My printer has some serious issues. I bought a new printer before I left for Agnes and installed it just a few days ago. Now it's printing, but when I print a document it'll only print on a fourth of the page. Even worse, it'll print just one page--and it'll choose that one page at random. This is NOT cool. Time to tinker with it a bit more, je crois.

* Tonight Shawn Mullins performed on the Square. You can hear a really crappy recording of "Lullaby" here. If you're wondering about the voices in the beginning, that's me explaining to the lady next to me what I was doing. Minda, Emily, Sandra, and I went in the beginning and stopped at Starbucks beforehand, but they left before Shawn actually performed. Ah well. I did run into poisonedwriter on the way back. That's, what, the third time this has happened? That's amusing. It was a good show, though.

* I've had ice cream three times in the past two days. Normally I don't worry about stuff like this--let's face it, ice cream is really good. Seriously, though, there are better habits to get into. I should probably break this one while it's still forming and find other excuses to stay around after finishing my meal and waiting around for someone else. Or just leave and do some real work.

* I've been extremely irresponsible with my time this semester, as anyone who has even skimmed my past few entries can tell. Reading for just about every class so far, and one assignment due Friday, and what did I do after a busy first week back? Go out all weekend. Okay, to be fair, I did stay in most of today, and I did read for geometry, but I spent that time catching up on the flist and dicking around on the Intarwebs.

* Spiff made a video for Jonathan Coulton's "The Future Soon", which happens to be one of my favorite JoCo songs. The video is equally awesome.

* Finally, for those who frequent stupid_free, sf_drama. I've been waiting for this comm to be made, and it got made when I spent an entire two days away from the flist. I think I've found a new way to waste time. Why is there an IRC chat for this comm?