September 4th, 2007

rubber ducky pirate

I can has lolcat?

Today at dinner I was a (an, depending on how you pronounce it) lolhuman. There were cheeseburgers in the grill line, and I wanted one. So I got in line, and when I got in the front, it hit me.

I said, "I can has cheezburger?" I received my cheezburger.

And Adrienne (in my year), who was behind me, cracked up. "That was so random," she said.

In other news, my downloads are currently going at a snail's pace. Over an hour to finish downloading an album? How about no, mmkay? All I know is that I will not be happy if it doesn't finish.

Also, I had my first tour of the semester today. puddingofevil, I recognized your signs. They're awesome.

Tomorrow I have to get used to, you know, doing stuff. A lot of stuff. I have my first weekly e due Friday for abstract, and I've chosen to title this edition "The Weekly e and the Roots of Unity". I think I'll center each week around a fandom. I already have the last one in mind because it's too perfect.

(Why, yes, I love my pop culture. Why do you ask?)

I also found out who's teaching my physics lab. The same person who taught my astronomy lab. *headdesk* Why the headdesk, you ask? She'd give us more stuff than we could feasibly do in a three-hour lab, just to keep us busy for three hours, and she was extremely anal about the grading. I mean, she took off points and criticized my drawing because, well, my drawing abilities are even worse in the dark than in daylight. But that's another story.

And I get to deal with her again. Whoo or something.

I need a lolcat icon.
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