September 11th, 2007

h*r: trogdor


Today was the my first physics lab. Of course, it wasn't a typical lab, as we had a pretest and background stuff that we already talked about in lecture before actually doing the lab, but either way we had about two hours to do the lab (which was measuring pi based on measuring stuff and then analyzing that data). To give you an idea of how long this took based on everything we had to do, we started around three. Lab ended at five. Liz and I finished at 4:45, and we were the first ones finished.

From past experience, I have a feeling future labs will be like this, too, sans lecture and pretest.

I have until Monday to think of possible topics for the Goldwater essay. It's time to look around for topics and have a little chat with the math department.

Also, Apparently a 17-year-old falls into my non-creepy zone. I love you, xkcd. It was the pith comic, too!

And Snape as a lonely nerd! (Book Seven spoiler warning) Must read that later.