September 12th, 2007


What if it all means something?

I got up at 8:45 this morning. My algebra class meets at 8:45. You can put the two together. I walked in, and Dr. Koch said, "Good morning." As there are only six of us in the class, it was fairly obvious that I was late. This set the tone for the day. I did get a nine out of ten on the physics quiz, though, even though I definitely subtracted the wrong thing off in the problem. Which reminds me, I need to find my calculator. I'll actually need it this semester. I'm a math major--who uses a calculator anymore? ;)

I got bored while doing French reading, so I decided to search iTunes for random words and see how many songs came up with that word. Sort of like that meme that gives you really generic words which are guaranteed a zillion songs, but this time I'm choosing the words.

god: 14 (not including variations such as goddess)
geek: 4
If you're curious, the four are "Geeks in Love" by Lemon Demon, "Geek to Chic" by Scandaliz Vandalistz, "I Know You'll Find Out That I'm A Geek" by Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, and "The Band Geek Mafia" by Voodoo Glow Skulls.
smile: 9
Georgia: 2
"Why Georgia" by John Mayer and "Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo". Hrm, wonder who the latter is by.
gravity: 5
"Gravity" by The Dresden Dolls, John Mayer, Schoolhouse Rock, and Vienna Teng, and "Defying Gravity" on Wicked
write or writer: 8
pants: 3
Spongebob Scaredy Pants, Ripped Pants, and Jonathan Coulton's "Mr. Fancy Pants ".
brain: 6

Okay, this is getting boring.

Nothing with sushi in it, though. I do seem to have an attraction toward words that start with G. Interesting since a ton of my interests start with L.

Now I want some sushi.
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