September 15th, 2007

sleepy bunny

Well, that's odd.

Apparently iLike on Facebook is detecting music I listen to.


I haven't listened to some of this stuff in ages. Strange. (Although to be honest, I added that thing only to see what song Jessica dedicated to me.)

This is really cool. I'm really curious about this now.

I really should send this to Dr. Bowling since we talked about The Kilogram the first day of physics. He'd probably find my source amusing, too. Dinosaur Comics called it!

Also, did I mention I don't own a television? I'm usually a little more aware of pop culture, even if my 'source' is Fandom Wank. Honestly, everything I know about TV fandom, I learn from that place. It's pretty funny.

A proper update will come tomorrow. Maybe I'll be less buried in books then.