September 17th, 2007

foxtrot: procrastination is lost art

Just another manic Monday

Oh, look, we got another extension on our geometry assignment. Again. It's a good thing (for once) too, since today is also packed for me, and I have that abstract test to take sometime between now and 8:45 Wednesday morning.

I have that meeting with Dr. Finco this afternoon, which means that I need to find his office before then. I can guess where it is (and it's not that hard), considering he's in the bio department.

I still haven't found my calculator yet. Now I have a sneaking feeling that I forgot it. *stabbity stab* Considering I have a physics quiz in twenty minutes that'll involve sig figs, this isn't good. It reminds me of the Calc II final exam where I left everything unsimplified because I just ran out of time--just about everyone did, to be honest. (Apparently I still did really well on it, though.)

Off I go!
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The one who likes weird stuff.

I did finish my geometry around six tonight. One of them turned out to be a proof by exhaustion since I couldn't figure out any other way to do it. There were only 24 possibilities, and 20 were impossible. (Well, if I chose carefully, I could have checked just twelve. Eh.)

My first abstract algebra test is sitting in my backpack right now. This, of course, means that I need to study for it. I've been doing reasonably well on the weekly e (8, 9, and 10--each out of 10--on the problems we got back today). I'm thinking that if I keep this up, I can probably pull about a 9 average on that for the semester.

I still haven't read for French. Considering I'm already behind, this is Not GoodTM.

The meeting with Dr. Finco went well. I have to narrow down my topics before our next meeting next Monday at the same time. And guess when my essay should be finished, even though the application itself isn't due until 1 February. The end of the semester. The theory being that it'll be really hard for the math department and me to read over the essay together and for me to get resources for said essay during winter break. Which is a really good theory. It just... yeah. I guess I'll have to be on top of things this semester, something I've been failing miserably at so far. There's a reason I'm never around right now as it is. I'll need a straitjacket by December.

Oh, how could I forget this gem of a community: mcgriddlefanfic Yes, there really is a comm for everything. Shame it's only PG-13, and that there has been only one post in about a year. On the other hand, that post was today. There's hope for us yet.

Finally, there's this little meme. Yes, I had to cave.

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I was never a huge fan of probability (Melissa and I were actually talking about this tonight), but measure theory does sound cool.

Speaking of grad school, she just found out that she has to take the math GRE on the worst possible day of the semester--the day of Black Cat formal. Yeah, that sucks. I really don't envy her for that, even when she did tell me that I should probably start reviewing my multivariable now. "Review" for me in that class, though, means "relearn", as I don't remember much from it. And from what I heard from Nicole, there's a lot on the math GRE from that class that we just don't cover. Good thing I have another year to prepare and figure out if I'm going to take it, mayhaps? Even if it looks like the math department is pretty much priming me for grad school. Sure, Dr. Koch'll joke that we'll all be algebraists one day, but I'm the one he'll say this to somewhat seriously. (I flipped ahead in our algebra book and there's a part where he calls all of us budding algebraists, followed by a footnote saying "Humor me".) We did something with distance functions for the last geometry assignment, and when I verified that the function was in fact a distance function, I wrote "albeit a rather odd one." Dr. Lewin scribbled on there what it was called (I don't feel like going downstairs and going through my folders for it) and that I'd find out why--with her parenthetical remark "(in grad school)". She did wind up telling us in class because I commented about it.

This, I suppose, is a very good thing. Even if I do jokingly get called a prodigy by a certain chunk of the department. :P

Wow, this got a little long. You know, showering is usually a good idea.