September 19th, 2007


Here be update!

The Internet is slow right now. And by slow, I mean ridiculously slow. I mean that I could read a few words of French while it loaded, and it still wouldn't have loaded. Well, look at that. Blackboard timed out. *refreshes* There, that's better.

Now let's discuss something completely different. With my current schedule, I hardly ever get to eat meals with my friends, so naturally I take advantage of the time I spend with them that much more. Lunch today (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in general) was another one of those days. When I entered Evans, I saw Renu and Stephanie leaving. Stephanie didn't have anything to do for awhile (in fact, I had just run into her on my way to physics, and we talked for a few minutes--sure, I was a few minutes late hearing about R2D2 golfing on the Moon, but we were continuing a problem from Monday, and I can solve it easily with calculus anyway :P ), so I grabbed lunch, we sat down, and she told me about some really good news she had heard today. Finally she asked, "So tell me about math."

I laughed. Not because she had asked me to tell her about math, but because it just came out of the blue--"Tell me about math" instead of "How have you been?" or something else of the sort. Doesn't everyone tend to greet everyone else the same way?

So I told her about everything I've been doing in math. Eventually I did have to ask her for a rationale for this--after all, it's not every day that she just asks me about math.

"Well, you listened me talk about stuff that makes me happy," she said. "So asking you about math seemed appropriate." And indeed it was.

Oh! Until Monday or so, I had to apply just all the force I could to my door in order to open it. So when I returned from ... somewhere (I don't remember now) and did the usual leaning against the door and shoving it open routine, I was quite surprised to see that the door opened with no problem. This is quite a relief. I don't want to bring in a task force just to open my bedroom door.

To Do:
1) Abstract assignment (just finishing the last part of a proof, writing up one proof that Lily conveniently asked about on Monday, and writing up the other proof that I thought of tonight--I'm actually ahead of schedule for once!)
2) Geometry assignment (due Tuesday, 6pm)
3) Read for French
4) Read for physics (When was the last time I did that?)
5) Narrow down Goldwater topics
6) ???
7) Profit!