October 6th, 2007

dreams never die

JP is over. Can I have my life back now?

JP IS OVER! So... this leads to the JP Memories Entry!

* "Cock Stock". No, this didn't come out on stage, but it happened in a lot of rehearsals. We finally changed it to Cocka-Cola Coca-Cola stock on Wednesday so it wouldn't slip out of Jade's mouth the night of the show. Cock stock has taken a dive lately, though. Here's some NSFW bondage-y evidence.

* The midnight rehearsal for Mortar Board, where Pestle Board streaked across the stage. More than once.

* Mira and Slgi taking on more parts at the last minute because Arielle... well, wasn't in a condition to do the midnight rehearsal.

* Passing out programs to crowds of chanting fans students who want to get in and see the show. (They look great, by the way. I have a few left if you're geographically undesirable and want one. Just say the word.)

* Sitting in the wings and listening to the audience's reactions. The jokes that we all found hilarious for months were even more hilarious to the audience than we had found them. Finally, a fresh batch.

* Watching my own stuff performed, watching people react to it, watching people react to my performances.

* The madness in the green room beforehand and afterward, what with everyone getting dressed and putting on makeup.

* The 'technical difficulties' with a couple of the videos and Louisa (our Scottie Dog) keeping the audience entertained during that time. All the videos still worked in the end, though.

* The massive cheering when the evil queen's identity was revealed and when Alice finally figured out what to do to get rid of the Queen.

* Finding out that we got a 68 out of 80 in our JP scoring, which is actually good, and getting TONS of compliments about it afterward while cleaning up the decorations in Gaines. (We got third overall this year--first years, us, sophomores, and seniors--of course. It was a pleasant change, but JP definitely played a role in that.)

* Finally, realizing that there are some things that I can do now that JP is over. Going to my morning classes, turning in assignments on time, actually attempting the readings, reclaiming all that time JP consumed out of my life only to watch NaNo re-eat it in November, posting on the fresh NaNo forums (I was at around 500 posts by 1 November last year, and I know I won't get that high by that point this year), and sleeping somewhere besides the couch in the library and the bench outside Teasley. If we had a couch in the math center I'd be sleeping there. Actually, if public safety didn't kick me out, I could probably live there. There are showers around, and there's a faculty lounge, and there's the film room (and the Internet) for movies.

Oh, and I bought my ticket for the JoCo/Paul and Storm show today. It's going to be awesome. There are already Facebook and Last.fm events for it.

Now I need to get a monkey and some totally awesome panties.