October 18th, 2007

nanowrimo: sleeping is for december

I'll do the best imitation of myself

First, for everyone I've added through the NaNo friending meme, hi! I'd say that things will get less chaotic and updates more regular eventually, but fulfilling both will be a big fat lie in the near future. And because I realized that I forgot my NaNo username in the LJ version of said frenzy, my NaNo profile is here.

Now it's time for the (possibly) tl;dr (but I've done longer) life update.

So as we all know so well, I haven't been doing so hot in physics, and for awhile I was even considering dropping the astrophysics minor, taking this class pass/fail, and never taking physics again. But then I took the midterm last Friday, and I got a 90 on it. In fact, I would have gotten a 100 if it weren't for two stupid mistakes that I made, possibly because I was extremely rushed toward the end. Ah well. We'll see what happens.

In geometry we've been talking about projective geometry, which has been difficult for me because I'm having to exercise my non-visual mind in visual ways. So much that on Wednesday (last Wednesday, not yesterday), I just cracked. I said something in class that happened to be wrong, and when Dr. Lewin said so, I burst into tears. I managed to hold them in until the end of class, when I ran out the door and across the hall into the bathroom. When I returned to the classroom to get my stuff, she was still there, and she apologized. "You're usually so resilient," she said. Yes, I thought, for someone who spends her spare time making fun of people on the Internet. But I couldn't find it in me to say that for the first time, something in math just didn't intuitively make sense, even after playing with it and seeing what I could make of it. And I did that the next day, turning over the table next to the couch in Stack Three sideways so I could have parts of two perpendicular planes. I even put my shoes under the table. If someone had walked by, they would have been quite puzzled indeed. And I've been supplying proofs and ideas instead of being miserable in class since.

Sometimes you do have to learn things the hard way.

In abstract, on the other hand, I've been shining. For some reason, stuff just makes sense to me, even the stuff that seems like it would be the hardest stuff ever. It just clicks. Mira, Sarah, Sam, Chevonne, and I (that's actually {algebra class}\{Lily}--come to think of it, I hardly ever see Lily outside of class) got together Sunday afternoon to study for the test that we'd be getting on Monday. We were all going at our own pace but asking questions about stuff we were confused at. Someone would ask a question, and if that someone wasn't me, and no one else knew, they'd automatically turn to me as if I knew the answer. It was pretty funny.

The class average on that test was 69.85. I got an 89. Yeah. Considering there are six of us in the class, I don't think I want to know some of the grades.

French... I'm still blank on a paper topic. Everything that sounds cool to me has nothing to, well, do with 18th century France. I'm not buying into psychoanalysis; I don't care how much Mme Knowlton loves it in literature. *ducks from psych majors on flist*

And then.... Tower Council happened. I got an email from admissions on Monday saying that a group of about forty Korean students would be coming to Agnes during my tour time Tuesday morning. Since that was Lyndsey's and my tour time, guess who would be giving them the tour? I thought, "Okay, we can split them up." But then we got another email saying Yerang would be interpreting, and she'd be the only interpreter, so we couldn't split them up. In the same email we found out that we had to end the tour by 10:55 at the gym so they could observe a fencing class.

Okay, fine. This still didn't prepare me completely for the next morning. I arrived at the admissions office the next morning around 9:50, and they hadn't arrived yet. Finally, they did arrive, and after we sorted out all the logistics, all of us headed out.

The tour was really... interesting. Everyone had their cameras out--after all, for many of them it was their first time in the States. One guy even had a video camera out and was taping the entire thing, even what Lyndsey and I were saying about Agnes. It was kind of surreal.

I think I can easily say that this tour will be the biggest tour that I'll do while here.

And now, fall break! Where geometry tests and homework corrections and NaNo foruming await. A NaNo update will come tomorrow or Saturday.