November 25th, 2007

more than just exist

La liberté, c'est vivre dans la simplicité.

Oh yes. A six-time NaNoWriMo winner is me. The certificate looks amazing, just to let you know.

According to the "You Won!" page, next year's Script Frenzy is in April. I've heard this from a few other places, but Google isn't telling me anything reliable. Who what when how?

I know I've been very... absent lately. I know. I've just been trying to do actual work during the break, and we know how well that turned out. But it suffices to say that Turkeyfest was good, despite Ashley's asking if I had a MySpace and her raving about SO HOT GUYS with her friend and Mark's complaining about the lack of deviled eggs (come on, now. Seriously? Make your own if you care that much) and Grandmother's being sick. Oh, and we got rain--quite a bit, too. It was actually raining on the way back here this afternoon.

But I don't know. It's that time again. I might be royally screwed this time. I have a French paper due Tuesday that I haven't started and an outline for the big French paper due Tuesday. I have yet to start either. I also have a meeting re: Goldwater at some point next week. I have not done a thing about Goldwater since our last meeting... before fall break.

I swear I'm not normally this lazy.

Here's a moment of depth for the day. I found this on the soap bar wrapper this morning:

If you want to be free, learn to live simply.
La liberté, c'est vivre dans la simplicité.

I love it because it's so true. Our lives are so complicated by all these external forces--all these papers and bills and other sundries, and we don't even bother to look beyond that most of the time. Sad, yes?

In completely different news, I've been reading articles on how to elope. You're better off not asking me why, for I won't have an answer for you. I still don't know why myself.