November 29th, 2007

qc: winslow cat macro

This one'll be fun.

I just spent the past hour reading November chat logs and NOT working on my paper. Hoo boy.

Also, the last paragraph I wrote turned out to be utter crap. Fixed that.

I slept through abstract this morning. And by 'slept through', I mean 'overslept through'. Again. Even funnier, Renu slept through her alarm too and missed her first class. How does this always happen to both of us on the same days? There must be some sort of conspiracy.

Trillian keeps connecting and disconnecting. I know this only because of a conversation that went on until around two.

WTF? There is an IP address conflict with another system on the nextwork. Yeah, that just popped on my screen. Yup, that means I'll get knocked off Trillian again in a few minutes, and I'll have to wait before I post this.

This could very well be the first all-nighter I've pulled in my time at ASC. Clearly this is a vital college experience.
sinfest: clapping buddha


I've finished a draft of the French paper. Oh yes.

Now to get a few hours of sleep and look over it before asking Dr. Koch about the weekly e tomorrow and lunch and printing out the final draft before class.

Looks like I'll have to change that tag, but a few hours of sleep would be nice.
banana: i am a banana

I'll get real work done. I swear.

I finished the French paper around six, collapsed into bed, and didn't move until noon. Then I scrambled to change one last thing in the paper, printed it in the writing center, and made it to class. At 12:35.

I saw someone with a real bananaphone outside Evans today on the way here. DO WANT.

Can it be sleepytime now? Or at least Internet working time now?

We also just got an email of a case of chickenpox on campus. Alerting us: Cool. Telling us who has chickenpox: Not so cool. Capiche?

Now to try to get real work done.