December 2nd, 2007

sleepy bunny


Today was the TGIO party at the Atlanta Bread Company. We all brought excerpts and shared them, but mostly we just talked about NaNo and writing and whatever else came up. Since my printer is still dead and I haven't gotten around to fixing it, I brought my only handwritten excerpt of November, which I scribbled down in the math lobby one afternoon. Being the NaNo veteran that I am, I knew everyone there except two people who hadn't come the same write-ins that I had.

A few people on the Yahoo! group wanted some alcohol to go along with the TGIO party, so we decided that stopping by the Brick Store Pub after our ABC meeting was in order, so all of us headed over there and just chatted over drinks, food, and excerpts. We exchanged NaNo usernames at the end, and I got the usual "YOU'RE sushimustwrite?" reaction. Yeah, I get around. :P

I've also been doing research for my little NaNo timeline, and I was wondering if there were any NaNoWriYes before 2003. (Yes, there was one then, and look. Now there are about six thousand variants of NaNoWriYe. I'd say that I remember the SuddenLaunch boards, but one version of 2007 is using them this year, so nyah.) So I started to search for any previous WriYes, if they existed. So far Google's telling me no. Interesting.

Also, Pacman meets Zork. I foresee many wasted hours in the near future.

I need a "NaNo is over :(" icon.