December 12th, 2007

interpretive dance

And Sushi said, Let there be LJSpam.

Well, I do have an introduction to my French paper. Whoo. Unfortunately, now I'm into my first real paragraph, and guess what? All my sources are contradicting each other. You lose, sources. Actually, you win because you're going to help me write my paper. But right now, dear sources, you lose.

I wound up skipping the pancake jam tonight because I was still sorting out my sources and what exactly they were saying. Okay, that and I lost track of time.

Meanwhile, have links to stuff I'm digging.

Courtesy of The Park bench, 50 nerdy things to do before you die. Come on. You know you want to do some of these. I'm all over #1, among others, especially 31.

How about child prodigies who actually did something as an adult? Yes, it does happen. I love the listing for Erdös. Let's see if I can sum up his accomplishments in one setence to non-mathy people. "Solved a ton of problems, proposed a ton more, and collaborated like whoa." Does that work? As much as I love numbers, I wouldn't want to just tolerate everything else.

And in completely WTF-worthy news, dick. In a restaurant. With a knife. Reality really is stranger than fiction.

Now to return to the paper.