January 17th, 2008

lj: cheaper than therapist

LJ Idol Week Ten: Whose LJ Is It Anyway?, or Sushi's experience with train wreck syndrome

Full topic: Whose LJ is it anyway? Balancing personal expression and friends-list sensibilities in determining content.

Consider all the links in this entry not safe for work, children, or brain. Keep the eyesporks and brain bleach handy. Click responsibly.

Toward the end of middle school my classmates grew more curious than ever about the contents of my paper journal and best friend, Dr. Nbook. To quench some of their curiosity about my innermost thoughts, I began my first online journal in June of 2001. Most of the journal's contents were rather dull--after all, I was only fourteen and quite immature. However, I rarely worried about writing what my readers wanted, despite knowing that some of my best friends read my journal. It was my journal, right?

When I moved to LiveJournal in 2005 and dove into the communities, I discovered snark for snark's sake. I discovered stupid_free, Fandom Wank, brutal_honesty, and verywrongslash, and through these communities, I began to hone my train wreck syndrome.

I discovered placenta recipes (and not because of Tom Cruise). I discovered how to have sex with dolphins. I discovered NC-17 fanfiction featuring lolcats, the giant squid and J.K. Rowling, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner, and Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Finally, among many other things, I discovered 2girls1cup, which set a new high for disgusting on the Internet. (Don't look it up unless you really want to be scarred for life. If you do, consider yourself warned.)

There's one small problem, though. As much as I love scarring myself for life with these discoveries, not everyone on my friends list enjoys hearing about my fascination with bad fanfiction. I understand this. However, my journal is my dumping grounds. Everything goes in here, from deep spiritual wisdom to what I'm thinking that instant to my link dumps. I don't filter entries beyond the usual friends-only simply because I don't have a need to, and because I want to leave as much of my journal open as possible to non-LJ friends.

So what do I do instead? Read the italicized line again.

Consider all the links in this entry not safe for work, children, or brain. Keep the eyesporks and brain bleach handy. Click responsibly.

I still spill out all my content, but I give a warning, just so readers know what they're getting into when they enter my world of train wreck syndrome.

This entry was written for therealljidol. Voting starts today (Thursday), so if you enjoyed it, go vote on this entry and some other entries that will be less of a train wreck. Here's a tidbit: This topic was also bouncing around in my head for Sexual Ethics and My Scars.
math: mother nature

Infinity club event tonight, yo.

Yeah, I should have pimped this earlier, but it's tonight!

Please join the Infinity Club on Thursday (Jan. 17th) from 7:30 to 9pm in Teasley Hall for a presentation by Mike Byster:

Mike Byster was born with a lightning-fast brain allowing him to memorize tremendous amounts. He is one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world! He now teaches others the techniques involved with his mental math methods!

Come learn how to do potentially complicated and frustrating math problems -- all in your head, without calculators -- through memory games and entertaining exercises.

Please bring paper, a pencil, and a calculator.

To see performances by Mike, please visit:

or his interview with 20/20: