January 25th, 2008

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LJ Idol Week Eleven: I Fought The Law, or To jaywalk is to see the world in a whole new way

The wind blows against my face as I wait for an opportunity to cross the road. There is no true crosswalk on the road between the college and the tunnel under the railroad tracks, at least not in the push-the-button-and-wait-for-the-walk-signal sense. Oh, no, you have to wait until the road is clear or until someone's kind enough to let you cross. During rush hour, the road is gridlocked, and your best hope is to cut across.

Luckily, I'm not standing here during rush hour. No one speeds past. I dash across the road and into the safety of the tunnel.

The next two crossings are relatively calm. There are no crosswalks here, either, but there's no need for one--after all, these roads are never as traffic-filled.

I stop at the bookstore at the corner. They don't have what I'm looking for, so I cross the road to seek out another bookstore. This crosswalk is a particularly stubborn one. When I push the button indicating that I wish to cross the road, the signal still hasn't changed to 'walk'. I look both ways. The road is clear. The choice is obvious.

But I don't run, nor do I walk. I stand, tall and proud, and skip. Nothing could be more natural.

In that moment, nothing else matters. I'm free from everyone and everything that can possibly bother me (except, one could argue, the occasional passing car). Any other bad thoughts of the world escape me when I am skipping across the road in an illegal fashion. All else is lost on me. I am in a place where all is good and perfect. The world suddenly has a new sparkle to it, even more so than it usually does. In that moment, I can do anything.

Some people do drugs or drink or some myriad of other things to achieve that sense of satisfaction. I do math. I write. I jaywalk.

Luckily, I have yet to fight the law because of my love of jaywalking. The day may come. Should it come, I'll stand as proudly as I did when I was crossing the street, for I am not the guilty party.

The guilty are those who can never glimpse that sparkle.

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choose what to believe

Why on earth am I tired already?

Finally (finally!) the week of madness is over. I got to finish three assignments due within 24 hours of each other. I haven't touched Dr. Nbook all week thanks to the mass of assignments all week. I need to learn to do more on the weekends, something I failed miserably at last weekend.

The overall impression of this semester after two weeks? This one's going to be busy. And by busy, I mean it's going to be the busiest one yet. Let's take a look.

* Classes (three math, one physics + lab, Global Connections)
* Work and attending calculus and Math 101 classes
* Infinity Club
* Tower Council, which actually gets busy this semester
* Aurora, in which we actually put the magazine together
* Putting together a decent theme house proposal
* Applying for summer research programs
* LJ Idol

And the bad part is that all this leaves me hardly any time for myself. Dr. Nbook has been untouched for three days. LJ has hardly been touched. My friends have hardly seen me. I've hardly been online at all except to check email. (Those other entries this week were of the log-on before working, then log-off style so I could work on real analysis.)

Last weekend was filled with movies, not working, and the acquisition of a mattress from a neighbor. It's now a comfy space in the loft. but since the weekend was filled with movies, I've now made progress on the movie section of the 101 Things in 1001 Days list. I'll make a separate entry to list the movies when I finish this one. I may even make a list for the books...when I actually find the time to read an entire book. That's kind of sad, isn't it?

101 in 1001 Days: MOVIES

What follows is a list of movies I watched between 7 January 2008 and 4 October 2010. The entire 101 Things in 1001 Days list is here.

Last Updated 16 May 2009

Progress: 19/50

1) Freeway : 18 January 2008
2) Pride and Prejudice (1940) : 18 January 2008
3) Jewel Thief (1967) : 2 February 2008
4) Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan : 8 March 2008 (approx.)
5) Cloverfield : 13 May 2008
6) Juno : 26 May 2008
7) Freaky Friday (2003) : 19 July 2008
8) Saved! : 1 September 2008
9) Lost in Translation : 6 September 2008
10) Flatland: The Movie (2007) : 17 September 2008
11) Du Rififi Chez Les Hommes : September 2008 (I can't remember the exact dates)
12) Dangerous Liasions : November 2008
13) Where the Heart Is : 1 January 2009
14) 10 Things I Hate About You : 30 January 2009
15) The Kite Runner : 31 January 2009
16) Iron Man : 20 February 2009
17) V for Vendetta : March 2009 (don't remember the date)
18) Amadeus : March/April 2009 (don't remember the date)
19) State of Play : 8 May 2009