February 9th, 2008


The practice GRE

I took a practice GRE this morning. You know, actually studying for it would be a really good idea, unlike going in completely unprepared like I did with the SAT. (I still got a 1300, though.) I didn't even finish the math section, which is really bad considering, well, I'm planning on going to grad school in math.

Although I'm good at math, I'm really slow at it, and I lose track of what I'm doing when I'm working quite often. A problem that I don't get can either throw me off a lot or make me extremely determined to solve it. The latter happened this morning, and I wound up skipping that one and not finishing the section.

I'll find how I did next week or so.

Either way, I'm figuring that I should probably get an 800 on the math section since I'll probably look really dumb if I don't.

It's time to get to work on that.

Now to get to work on applications and homework.
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Happy weekend, everyone!

It's shameless plug time!

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