February 23rd, 2008

hitchhiker's guide: doubt and uncertaint

So I finally told the parents.

Mum called this afternoon, and since spring break is in a week, the topic came up.

I told her I was going to see Andrew in New York, conveniently leaving out the fact that, of course, he is a potential lover. "You're going to New York?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Shouldn't you be saving money for France?"

"...but I am," I replied.

"Well, make sure they actually pick you up," she said. "You don't want to get robbed or anything."

I sighed. "Mum," I said. "I'm going to New York STATE. Not New York CITY." While this was pretty good advice in general, the city is NOT the entire state.

Then she asked me who this person was.

"Andrew," I replied. "We met on NaNoWriMo."

"What's NaNoWriMo?"

Face, meet palm.

I sighed one of those great exasperated sighs. "It's that writing thing I've done only for the past six years," I replied. Really, how could she NOT know?

It gets better, though. I told her about the strange phone calls I've been getting asking for an Ashley. As my name is not Ashley, I have reason to be concerned. I told Mum about it, and she thought it's probably time to change my number. Okay, fine. I told her that yes, I'd have to be there with my phone for that, and besides, I wouldn't be around for spring break or Easter, so I'd have to wait awhile.

"Why won't you be back for Easter?" she asked.

"Because Jonathan Coulton's going to be in town."

"Who's Jonathan Coulton?"

Face, meet palm. I wouldn't be so facepalm-y if I hadn't been fangirling over him ever since he rose out of obscurity. (I liked him back in 2006. Take that.)

So apparently I've been living some sort of secret life for the past six years. Who knew?

One more week!