March 9th, 2008


Voice Post

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“Hi LJ, it's Susie. This is a really awesome spring break. Probably the best spring break I ever had in thought. Actually no, let me retract that, it was the best spring break I've ever had. Anyway I am in the Oher(?) airport waiting on my flight cos we go into boarding in a few mins. So a couple of ___. No. 1, yes I can have boyfriends, 2 yes you can carry flowers on the airplane. Yes I do have to find this out the hard way or the easy way, however you want to look at that and 3, well there's a lot of snow in New York, that is all. That's it, I'll see you to back with regular updates and such when I return to Atlanta and ___. Maybe if you're lucky commencing tomorrow. Bye.”

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